I want to return something, how can I do this?

For the return contact our customer service, mail to or call 403-719-1702.  Please mention the order number, purchase date and the product. You will receive a return address and a unique return code.

Is there a fee for returning?

The responsibility and cost of the return are at your expense, unless otherwise agreed (eg. In case of shortfalls).

May I always return my order?

You have the right to return your order within 14 days after delivery. The right of refund expires after 14 days, after which the manufacturer warranty where applicable enters into force. Keeps you in return, consider the following:

  • Returns do not apply to products that can not be returned because of their nature, for example for hygiene, spoilage or age.
  • Returns may be considered only when the order is returned intact and in original packaging.
  • We can not process your returns without a return number.

Can I give my order to the driver to return?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Please contact our customer service at

How fast is my return processed?

When you return a product, you will receive confirmation when it is received and processed. Within 30 days your money will be refunded or receive a replacement for the return. To your return is processed as quickly as possible please follow the indicated procedure.

What do I do when my order is not complete or damaged?

Have you received an incorrect order, products are broken, damaged or missing products? In that case, please contact our customer service department. We advise you how to proceed and help you solve the problem. Mail to or Call @ 403-719-1702

Can I also submit my returns in Oil & Vinegar shops?

Yes you can return your products directly to an Oil & Vinegar store near you.  Please call or email us to receive further instruction and notificatoin if you'd like proceed with an instore return or 403-719-1702