Oil & Vinegar Franchise

Entrepreneurship is the most important characteristic

Step 1

Request of general information
If you got enthusiastic after reading the information we would like to ask you to fill out the application form and send it in. After receiving the information you will be contacted for an interview that will take place in one of our stores.

Step 2 

Acquaintance- and follow-up meetings
In these introduction and follow-up meetings we will personally meet and get to know each other. We will meet in an existing shop and tell you all about our history, present and future. After these meetings you will have a clear idea of our organization and our concept, and we will have a clear idea of you as a person and as an entrepreneur.

Step 3

Signing the agreement

Together we will look for a suitable property in the desired place of location. When this is found, a location research will be executed and an agreement has to be signed. This is an official and festive moment! Anticipating the signing of the franchise agreement, the agreed matters are documented in this agreement. 


Email us now to find about more about an Oil & Vinegar Franchise:

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Step 4 

You will start your training in a store, and this internship will ideally have a duration of 4 weeks. You will also start the Visual Merchandising training, product trainings and cash register training that will enable you to start you own store fully trained. 

Step 5

Grand opening
The grand opening of your own store! After you have opened your own store with intensive guidance and support by Oil & Vinegar you are ready for the actual start of your own store. You will start your own store to make it a success and to realize a maximum profit. Your life as an independent entrepreneur has officially begun!


Email us now to find about more about an Oil & Vinegar Franchise:

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