Can I also my order to a delivery address to send abroad?

Orders can only be sent to Canadian addresses. For US orders or other International locations see our website at:

With which carrier sends Oil & Vinegar my order?

We search for the most reliable and best price carrier for your order

How soon can I expect my order?

From the moment you receive the confirmation email, you can expect your order within 3-5 working days. If a delivery takes longer than three days, please contact us. We then investigate why the delivery is delayed and try to solve possible problems. We will contact you if your order goods are unexpectedly out of stock. In that case we will change the order in consultation with you or you may decide to let the entire order expire, in which latter case the entire purchase price will be refunded.


How are shipping costs calculated?

The shipping costs are independent of the size of your order

Why does Oil & Vinegar need my data?

We need your data to send the ordered products to you. If you place an order with insufficient or incorrect information, the chances are that we have to postpone the delivery of your order. Your e-mail address is used to send confirmations and information about your order. It is therefore important that you check your details carefully before you place an order.