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Oils & Vinegars

Oil & Vinegar is the specialist in extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, which you will definitely notice! First of all because of our enormous collection, we have the perfect product for everyone. With a high quality of extra virgin olive oil, originating from different countries.
As desired pure of taste, each with its own specific character. Or enriched with herbs, spices or fruit for a surprising touch of flavor. And don’t forget beautiful vinegars with a palette of tastes, from sweet to spicy, like our balsamic vinegar.

Extra virgin olive oils and vinegars can be used in many ways: for dipping with bread, combined with other ingredients in a dressing, to enrich soups, sauces or marinades… come and taste for yourself! And of course, we will help you in choosing the perfect product.   



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Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices make a dish. Aromatic, herbal, savoury, sharp or subtle. By adding spices or herbs, you will completely change the flavor of a dish. Oil & Vinegar is always looking for special herb mixes and special salts and peppers that can help you add a Mediterranean, or even exotic touch to your food.

Some herb mixes can be prepared by only adding a little bit of olive oil, while other dry or wet herb mixes are ready to use. This is very useful when you have a BBQ! Of course we also have accessories like salt- and pepper mills and mortars, which are indispensible in your kitchen. Trust your own nose and dare to experiment!

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Starters & Appetizers

“Well begun is half done”. That sure is the case when it comes to food! Let us surprise you with our extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ starters, like olives, tapenades, pestos, spreads, crackers, and so on. These are also very suitable as appetizers on other moments during the day…

Whether you choose Spanish tapas, Italian antipasti, French hors-d'oeuvre or Greek mezze, there’s always a guarantee for success. Especially when you present them in style with bowls and accessories that beautifully accentuate the unique character of the country of origin. 

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Salads & Dressings

With a salad you can never go wrong, even when summer is over! It’s lways a good and healthy choice. Whether it only consists of greens and vegetables or whether it is combined with chicken, pasta, cheese or fruit. Salads are enjoyed as both a main dish and side dish. Anything is possible! The right additions really finish off a salad: a beautiful vinaigrette or an exiting dressing or surprising toppings.

Try our large variety of ready-to-use dressings, sauces or mustards. Or consult our ‘dressing index’, which is available in our stores, to easily make 15 diverse combinations of flavors. With the help of handy accessories and beautiful matching tableware you will easily serve the most wonderful and tasteful salads!

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Pasta & More

Here you will find everything that can be categorized with typically Italian dishes like pasta, risotto and pizza. To begin with, these are the diverse sorts of pasta and risotto mixes with different flavors. This is complemented with a rich assortment of tomato sauces and pasta sauces, regularly made following authentic recipes. But also diverse pestos and authentic herb mixes, that allow you to prepare pasta or pizza the way the Italians like them best. And don’t forget our matching tableware to present your Italian meals in style.

Are you a fan of truffles? Then you can indulge in our large and exclusive assortment of various truffle products that will give your dishes that typical taste and flavor.
For a bit of luxury and Italy at home!


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New Mediterranean

The classic Mediterranean cuisines of Italy, Spain, Greece and France are well known by most of us for quite a while now. Oil & Vinegar would like to take you on a culinary journey to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discover the amazing cuisine of North Africa and Arabia with Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish and Egyptian influences. We have put together a very large range of herbs, rubs, dips, olives, olive oils, couscous, sauces, dressing, tajines, tableware, accessories of olive wood and many more. Come with us on this extraordinary journey and discover the richness of the New Mediterranean cuisine!

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Sweet Sensations

The Mediterranean cuisine has a number of sweet sensations that mostly occur in desserts. But of course there are also the more savory-sweet variations, which are a perfect combination with a cheese platter or meat.

Be seduced by our amaretti cookies, cantuccini, creams, nougat or honey. Or combine surprising chutneys and fig spreads with meat or an assortment of cheeses.

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