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You can easily taste that this Salsa di Tartufo is made with passion. Of course, only natural ingredients are used to make this salsa, so no preservatives and colorants are used. You will be surprised by this salsa made of porcini mushrooms, mushrooms, anchovies, a mix of various spices and herbs and of course the black summer truffle. The smell of this type of truffle is powerful and rich, and the distinctive flavor adds a characteristic and luxurious touch to many dishes. Altogether, the Salsa di Tartufo is a delight for all gastronomes.

The black summer truffle is a kind of mushroom that grows in a calcareous soil and has a brown-yellowish color on the inside. Paolo and his dog Perla are well known characters in the truffle hunt in Umbria, which takes place from the beginning of spring until late summer.

Salsa di Tartufo can be used without any preparation, and is best added to your dishes in small portions, because of its strong flavor. This salsa makes a great combination with grilled meat or fish, and tastes delicious on toast as well as on French bread. Add a tablespoon of the truffle salsa to your freshly made pasta, for that extra special flavor. Once you have opened the jar, the salsa can be preserved for a few more days in your fridge. Make sure you cover the salsa with a bit of olive oil.