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Oil & Vinegar has selected two types of olives to produce the Mélange d’Olives de Provence, that are crunchy, pulpy and bursting with flavor: green Beldi olives and black Coquillos olives. These olives are conserved in a natural way by briefly cooking them in order to maintain their texture and lovely fresh taste. The olives have a pit and are preserved in a marinade of extra virgin olive oil and delicious fragrant Provencal herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, marjoram and garlic. This means extra yummy olives!

Mélange d’Olives de Provence are obviously delicious as aperitif, appetizer, in addition to a buffet, in a salad or in a tomato sauce for pasta. When you have eaten all the olives, you can use the remaining herb oil in a salad or pasta dish. As you can see, it’s easy to enjoy Mélange d’Olives de Provence in several ways!

Tip: Did you know that olives are also delicious when you put them in the oven? You must try it!

  • green olives, black olives, extra virgin olive oil (34%), salt, garlic, Provencal herbs (0,3%), spices.