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Do you love making traditional paella? Then you definitely need a real paella pan in your kitchen. It will help you to make the most delicious paella in a snap. This paella pan is quite large with its 35cm diameter. It has a non-stick coating and it is suitable for all heating sources. The pan reacts quickly to changes in heat, so you can easily use it to make stir fry dishes. Do you want to prepare a delicious meal in your oven? Then you can also use this very versatile pan. You cannot wash this pan in the dishwasher but it can be cleaned very easily by using just some water and dish soap. Use plastic and wooden kitchenware to prevent your pan from scratching and damaging the non-stick coating.

Paella originally is a Valencian dish but nowadays it might be Spains most notorious dish. This rice dish is often prepared with chicken, or with seafood and shellfish. Chorizo and rabbit meat are also used often to prepare this dish. In the Oil and Vinegar product range you can also find the Arroz Paella, the one and only paella rice, and Sazonador para Paella, the original Spanish and 100% natural herb mix with saffron.

Enjoy cooking your paella! 

  • Productspecifications

    Type : paella pan
    Shape : round
    Colour : black
    Dimension : Ø 35 cm