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Spaghetti della Mamma is an authentic spaghetti from the South Italian Puglia. The pasta is made of the best available durum wheat, and is produced in an artisanal way by drying it at a low temperature. This way, the Spaghetti della Mamma gets a rougher texture and the sauce will adhere better to the pasta. This you can taste, and so it should be. Also according to the mothers in Italy!

The cooking time for the Spagetti della Mamma is twelve to fourteen minutes for the best al dente Spaghetti. The package contains five to six portions. Prepare the pasta with one of the delicious tomato sauces or pasta herbal mixes from our assortment. The spaghetti also tastes great in combination with a lovely cream or pesto sauce.

It is also possible to combine the Spaghetti della Mamma with one of the other products from the Oil & Vinegar della Mamma series. It is a great gift for mothers!

  • durum wheat semolina, water. Contains wheat.