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Just after World War II, the Sicilian grandmothers started making this tomato sauce, and they bottled the sauce in the characteristic 33 cl bottles so they could save the sauce for the winter. Since that time this Salsa della Mamma has only become more popular. The sauce is still cooked slowly in small quantities so the original flavour of the tomato sauce is maintained. No sugar is added to the sauce, in contrast to many other sauces. The traditional method of bottling the sauce is still used. So the sauce is still made with much love and patience!

When you open a bottle of Salsa della Mamma, you immediately smell the Sicilian flavours. Because the tomato sauce is precooked, the sauce is immediately ready to use. You can heat the sauce in a pan or in the microwave. The sauce can be used as a pasta sauce, as a red sauce in different dishes or in combination with bread. Buon appetito!

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  • cherry tomato sauce (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, carrot, onion, basil, celery, sugar.