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This Italian durum wheat pasta is characterized by its varied and natural color shapes. The pure character of the Pasta di Puglia comes to its right with only a good olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

This authentic pasta, which is originated from Puglia, is extended with bronze molds, so the pasta gets a rougher texture. This way the sauce will better adhere to the pasta, and your meal will come to its right.

The Pasta di Puglia has many different colors due to the natural raw materials that are used. The green pasta got its color due to spinach, and the other products that are used as a color maker are bell pepper, turmeric, and beet roots. As the pasta gets older, the colors of the pasta may fade. This is a biological process that occurs because of the use of natural coloring, and it doesn’t have any consequences for the quality of the pasta.

Pasta di Puglia is prepared as followed: boil the pasta during 8 to 10 minutes. Pour the pasta and add flavor to it. Then add some good olive oil and some Parmesan cheese and your dish is ready to serve! This pasta can also be combined with your favorite pasta sauce.

Are you still looking for an original present? Then you can easily combine the Pasta di Puglia with one of our extra virgin olive oils or pasta sauces, to create the perfect gift set. 


  • durum wheat semolina, spinach 4%, paprika 4%, curcuma 4%, beetroot 4%. Contains wheat.