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The best pistachio nuts are from Sicilia. So of course, the best pistachio pesto is from there as well. Pesto al Pistacchio contains only natural ingredients. Aside from the large part of pistachio nuts which you will taste immediately in this pesto, Genovese basil is also used, which is known for being the best in the world, olive oil and sea salt. Due to the natural process – without artificial additives or colorants – this makes for a honest, intense and yet delicate product to enjoy. Something which has been done for centuries in large parts of Italy.


Pesto al Pistacchio is delicious with pasta types such as tagliatelle or papperdelle. Due to the special flavor of this pesto, all you need to do us add some vegetables and possibly chicken to the pasta. Simple, but full of flavor! Obviously, this pistachio pesto is also delightful on some melba toast or bread sticks when it's time for drinks. 

  • olive oil, Genovese P.D.O. basil (22%), pistachio nut (18%), cashews nuts, sea salt. Contains nuts.