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Extra virgin olive oil -  superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Flavor: delicate - grassy - fresh
Color: soft green and lighter yellow over time    
Aroma: fresh and light
Application: cold and hot (up to 180°C)
Acidity: < 0,33%
Region: Toscane Maremma area - Bibbona / Cecina
Estate:   Oleificio Alta Maremma srl (partner Bonsecco)
Olives: Pendolino (40%), Leccino (35%), Frantoio (25%)
Harvest: October until half November
Pick: handpicked (35% - 40%) and mechanically

Bonsecco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known for a fruity, harmonious and sweet flavor which is suited for general use in the kitchen. To keep the taste, it is best used cold and added to a dish at the last moment. Tastes delicious as a dip for bread, with salads, soups, sauces, pastas, potatoes, meat and fish dishes, or when making the Tuscany Dipper, available from Oil & Vinegar. Also great when combined with Balsamico di Modena IGP, Tomato Vinegar and Sherry Vinegar. Dressing tip: 1/3 tomato vinegar – 2/3 Bonsecco olive oil.

The olives are harvested in October and November and processed into oil within a few hours using the “cold pressing method”. Because the olives are pressed in this traditional manner, the full flavour is maintained and it produces an olive oil of a high quality and with a low acidity (<0.33%).

The olives grow fully organically and are treated as such. The Tuscan soil, the sea, and the various different grasses around the olive trees penetrate into the flavour and aroma of the olives. And because of the sea breeze in the hills along the coast, the olives do not need to be protected against insects, the biggest threat to the olives. There are absolutely no chemical fertilisers used to artificially increase production.


  • extra virgin olive oil.