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The Mediterranean Herbs Giftset from Oil & Vinegar has been put together by our South African supplier. It is an exclusive collection of herbs that have been selected for their fine flavors and together form a beautiful box, full with different typical Mediterranean flavors and each with their own characteristics and qualities. This Mediterranean Herbs Giftset consists of 6 jars with different herbs and spices enabling you to prepare the most delicious dishes.

The ‘French Fine Herbs’ contains a sophisticated blend of popular herbs that are commonly used in French cuisine and go well with fish and fried potatoes. The ‘Mustard Seeds’ contains wholegrain mustard which is an excellent basis for making a real French vinaigrette which is delicious in a walnut salad and simply super over chicken, salmon or grilled steak.

The sundried olive herbs, ‘Dried Olive Rub’, are fantastic with fresh pasta, lasagne, or over roasted vegetables. And ‘Italian Caprese’ contains exactly those herbs that are needed to make a mouthwatering Italian Caprese Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella.

‘Fleur de Sel’ is a unique and refined sea salt used to season meat, fish, or freshly baked pommes duchesse. And finally, you can use the ‘Herbs de Provence’ - a traditional composition of dried herbs that is commonly used in France – in, for example, a ratatouille.

Essential for Mediterranean cuisine! 

  • Italian Caprese: sea salt (49%), brown sugar, basil (9%), sun dried tomatoes (7%), red bell peppers, black pepper, onion, garlic, lemon juice powder (maltodextrin, lemon juice, calcium silicate).

    Dried Olive Rub: sea salt (23%), dried tomato, brown sugar, onion, oreganum, garlic, dried olives (5%), lemon oil, lemon rind.

    French Fine Herbs: parsley (67%), chives, French tarragon..

    Herbs de Provence: marjoram (30,7%), oregano (30,7%), rosemary, thyme, aniseed, lavender flower.

    Fleur de Sel: sea salt

    Mustard Seeds: yellow mustard seed