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Honey is a natural sweetener, with nectar that is collected by the honeybees as main ingredient. The nectar can be found in flowers and it contains divers natural sugars, minerals and elements. The honeybees change the nectar into honey by adding enzymes to it and by evaporating the excess moisture from the nectar. After that, Mother Nature does all the work! This honey with walnuts is made from nectar from a diverse variety of flowers, and then the whole walnuts are added.

Honey Walnut does not only taste delicious in hot beverages, it can also be used in desserts or in the classic flavour combinations such as duck breast, in sauces, with cheese or in marinades for meat. The honey can also be used in food such as cookies and cakes.

This is only one of the many important varieties of honey that Oil & Vinegar sells!

  • honey (73,6%), walnuts (26,4%). Contains walnuts