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Linguine is an elongated pasta with a lens-shaped cross-section and a somewhat longer cooking time than spaghetti because of its greater width and thickness. Linguine al Vino Rosso pasta is made from durum wheat flour and Italian red wine which explains its color. So this red wine pasta is already a treat for the eyes. And when prepared with some simple additions, such as red wine and herbs, it is also a delight for the palate. And when served with fish, scampi or shellfish, it is truly sensational!

Linguine comes from the Italian word ‘linguina’ which means ‘tongue’. Linguine al Vino Rosso is made in Puglia where people enjoy using traditional and local recipes for which they often use many of the locally available products such as red wine and olives.

The Linguine al Vino Rosso from Oil & Vinegar is festively packed together with a wooden spoon and is ideal as a gift for a lover of Italian cooking. But why not turn the gift into a complete pasta present? Simply combine this red wine pasta with one of our pasta herbs such as Miscuglio Italiano, Preparato per Pasta Aglio e Peperonicini, or Preparato per Pasta Arrabbiata, a beautiful Italian Puglia olive oil, and a choice of a bottle of red wine.

  • durum wheat semolina, dehydrated beetroot (2%), dehydrated red wine (0,5%). Contains wheat.