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The dried pasta sheets in the Lasagna Primavera have different colors that form a cheerful rainbow pattern. Naturally colored: spinach for green, paprika for red, beetroot for purple and turmeric for yellow. This handmade Lasagna Primavera originates from the Italian region Puglia and is made of durum wheat that is produced and dried in an artisanal way. By using a bronze tin instead of a Teflon tin, the pasta gets a raw texture, which is perfect for the sauce: it will stick to the sheets better. A long drying ensures that the pasta absorbs more water when cooking leading to bigger pasta sheets and a unique taste. This production is very detailed in order to prevent the colors to fall apart during cooking.

The cooking time of Lasagna Primavera takes about 8-10 minutes. When you want to prepare lasagna, the sheets don’t have to be cooked first. The oven time is 25 minutes. Besides festively rolled and filled with something delicious, Lasagna Primavera also goes extremely well with traditional Bolognese sauce.

Festive colors that make every dish a colorful sensation!

  • durum wheat semolina, spinach 4%, paprika 4%, curcuma 4%, beetroot 4%. Contains wheat.