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The Aceitunas Trío Verde consists of three different types of green olives with stones that come from the Spanish region of Andalusia. The trio includes Manzanilla olives, Cornicabra olives and Arbequina olives.

Manzanilla olives are known for their refined flavor and are very popular for use in a martini. The Cornicabra olive is mostly used for the production of olive oil. This olive is also used in the traditional growing areas as a table oil because of its unique and distinctive flavor. The Arbequina olive has extraordinary biological properties which really come into their own on the table. The majority of the production of this olive is used for olive oil because the Arbequina olive produces a high yield.

The olives are harvested from September to October and from October to November. The careful harvesting process and the way that the olives are packed ensures that they retain their freshness and good taste. 

The Aceitunas Trío Verde from Oil & Vinegar can be served immediately as an olive mix. Would you like to add something extra to make it even more special? Then marinade them with some herbs such as cumin and oregano. That gives the olive mix an extra rich flavor that is perfect as an appetizer.

Would you like to try some other olives? Then try the Aceitunas Cuquillo, a black olive with a stone and a smoky flavor and a sweet aftertaste from the Murcia region.


  • olives (Manzanilla (35%), Cornicabra (35%), Arbequina (30%)), water, salt, lactic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid.