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There are many shapes and sizes of olives and they all have their own character of flavor. These Aceitunas rellenas con Ajos are Spanish Gordal olives that are filled with cloves of garlic. The Gordal olive is very special: it is big and has an oval shape, it has a fresh and green color and an uneven and meat-like structure that gives the olive an intense and full flavor.

The olives can be eaten as a snack due to the garlic cloves, but it is also possible to combine the olives with an appetizer. The olives also give a special touch to salads, and pasta and rice dishes taste even more intense in combination with this Aceitunas rellenas con Ajos that you can buy at Oil & Vinegar.

Gordal olives originally have a low oil level and a high sugar level. This gives the olives their typical texture and flavor. This fact, combined with the growth conditions of the olives in the respective season, ensures that the small white spots on the outside of the olives are visible. The white spots depend on the Spanish sun, so they are not always visible. These white spots do not influence the taste and the quality of the olives.

Aceitunas rellenas con Ajos are the perfect appetizer in combination with wine or sangria. And the olives make sure that the Spanish sun shines with every dish!