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Every cheese platter gets an upgrade with this jam, especially hard cheeses like Roquefort or Manchego. 

It’s also a good idea to put a bit of jam on plain yogurt. Serve it with a walnut on top and your breakfast is ready to be featured in a magazine.

This jam is made from fresh Portugese pumpkins. That’s uncommon  because most jams are made with frozen fruits. That’s probably what makes this jam so delicious.  

Not all jams have the same colour. The harvest period in Portugal runs from July to December. Early harvesting means yellowish jam, the pumpkins that are harvested later in the year will make the jam more orange. The month of harvesting doesn’t affect the taste: the pumpkins are definitely ripe before they will be transformed into this delicious jam.

  • pumpkin (61%), sugar, walnuts (1,4%), cinnamon.

Pumpkin & walnut jam