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This French Tapenade Noir is prepared using black Barnier olives. The Barnier olives are unique in that they are grown with an especially low amount of sodium, giving them a uniquely soft flavor. The Barnier olives are not pasteurized, preserving their pure flavor. The combination of mild black olives with capers, garlic, lemon and various spices make the Tapenade Noir a delightful flavor sensation and allows for it to be combined with a variety of dishes.

Aside from being used as a simple tapenade on melba toast as an appetizer, Tapenade Noir is also a flavorful dip with various snacks, such as raw vegetables and cheese. Additionally, the black olive tapenade is delicious in a pasta dish, a cold pasta salad or added to different kinds of meat and fish dishes. Tip: try mixing the Tapenade Noir into a bread mix for homemade bread or focaccia to create an even more intense olive sensation!



  • black pitted olives dry-cured (82%), capers, water, salt, olive oil, dried garlic, oregano, Provencal herbs, concentrated lemon juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acid: lactic acid.

Pâte d'Olives Noires