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Sea Salt Mix Grigliata is made of sea salt, herbs and spices like rosemary, bay leaf, juniper, cinnamon and pink pepper. With this seasoning mix you can easily flavour the fish-, meat- and vegetable dishes. It is a must have for the barbecue, but it can be used in every season as well. Store the Grigliata in a dry and dark place, so you can enjoy it longer.

The Sea Salt Mix spice grinder also comes in other flavors, for example for the Mediterraneo to spice fish or poultry, or the Arrabbiata to add a spicy twist to all your dishes. Did you finish the Grigliata? Don’t worry! The spice grinder can be refilled and is a true eye catcher on your table! The Grigliata can also be given as a gift.


  • sea salt (85%), rosemary, bay leaves, juniper, cinnamon, pink pepper.