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Honey is made by bees out of nectar, and in this case out of nectar of the blossom of the orange tree. Try this and you will discover the taste of Mother Nature. This Honey Orange is from the Italian Toscana, where they love to use this product in the kitchen. This honey is suitable for sweet dishes, as well as a sweet counterpart in savory dishes.

You can use honey orange in your tea or hot milk, with pastries, or in desserts. But it also is a nice combination with cheese, duck breast and as a part of a meat marinade or a sauce. Or use it as a sweet touch in a dressing for your salad.

Because of the fact that orange blossom honey is not heated during the production process, the taste is not being influenced by the production process. The honey might crystallize a bit sooner but it can easily be remedied by putting the honey jar in some hot water. Children under the age of 1 year must not try honey.

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  • 100% orange blossom honey