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Extra virgin olive oil -  superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Flavor:  fruity - peppery - spicy
Color:  green
Application:  use cold
Acidity:  0,35%
Region: South Africa - Cape Town
Olives: 20% Frantoio, 10% Leccino, 20% Coratina, 20% Favoloza, 10% Peranzana, 10% Nocellara del Belice en 10% Don Carlo olives

Morning Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized by a fruity, peppery and spicy flavour. In order to preserve its taste, it is best used cold and added to a dish at the last moment. Great as a dip for bread, with salads, pastas, vegetables, fish and meat dishes, or for making Bruschetta and Dippers, available from Oil & Vinegar. The oil combines well with White Wine Vinegar and Balsamico di Modena IGP. Dressing tip: 1/3 White Wine Vinegar – 2/3 Morning Star olive oil. 

The olives are harvested, washed and sorted from the end of March until July. During this period, 25% of the olives on the trees are still green, 50% half ripe and 25% black. This gives the oil its characteristic flavour. Within hours after harvest, the olives are processed into oil using the ‘’cold-pressing method’’. This process produces a high-quality olive oil with a low acidity and optimally preserves the flavour.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Morning Star was the first South African olive oil to be awarded the prestigious ‘Orciolo d’Oro’ prize. In this Italian competition, Morning Star Olive Oil won first prize in its category. Morning Star Olive Oil is also listed in the Flos Olei 2013, the guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.