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The Mini Grissini Integrale is inspired on the long and crispy bread dough sticks from Piemonte.It is a world famous Italian bread specialty and the have been made into a smaller version. These Mini Grissini become convenient dipsticks, that are easy to combine with all types of tapenades or dips. Mini Grissini Integrale are made by the original Italian recipe of wheat flour and wholemeal flour, olive oil, water, yeast and a pinch of salt.

Grissini bread sticks are originally from the Italian region Piemonte. Grissini were primarily eaten as a small snack wrapped in paper-thin slices of Parma ham. Because the air is kneaded out of the bread, the Grissini get crispy. In Piemonte they serve the Grissini with every dish, and Grissini can also be found on the diner tables in the rest of Italy.

The Mini Grissini Integrale are delicious when you combine them with various tapenades and dips that are available at Oil & Vinegar, or they can be used as a snack instead of chips. The Grissini Integrale also taste very good when you combine them with pesto or aioli. After you have opened the whole wheat Grissini’s, they remain tasty for two weeks and they stay crunchy when you preserve them at room temperature and in a sealed bag.


  • wheat flour, whole wheat flour, palm oil, brewers yeast, malted wheat flour, salt. Contains wheat.