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Grissini is a bread specialty from the Italian region of Piemonte. In this region these crispy bread sticks are eaten with practically every dish or according to traditional recipe wrapped with wafer-thin Parma ham (prosciutto di Parma). Grissini are made of dough consisting of flour, water, yeast, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Grissini are so crispy, because all air is kneaded out of the dough during preparation.

The Grissini Piemonte is the seasoned variety of the classic grissini, and is prepared with olive oil, garlic and parsley. This causes this crispy snack to have some extra flavor. Delicious as a snack! Also, due to its small size the Grissini Piemonte are very easy to use with different dips, like creamy olive mayonnaise or a dip with a fresh yoghurt or cottage cheese base. Grissini Piemonte are also tasty in a soup or in a salad. That way you can add a crispy bite to the dish!

Are you a lover of seasoned Grissini? Then also try the Sicilia Grissini with tomatoes and sweet herbs or Toscana Grissini with basil and tomato. 


  • wheat flour, olive oil, palm oil*, brewers yeast, malt, salt, garlic (2%), parsley (1%). *Sustainable palm oil. Contains wheat.