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Figs have been consumed for centuries for various purposes. Warriors used to eat figs for extra strength, but figs were also prescribed as medicine against a number of illnesses. Of course, they have been eaten as delicacies for centuries as well, thanks to their wonderful and delicate flavor.

The Dalmatian figs, which are used to create Dried Fig Paste Hazelnut, are grown along the Croatian Adriatic coast via natural methods. They avoid overworking the soil and do not use insecticides. When the figs have ripened, they are picked by hand and then naturally dried, on wooden platforms in the sun. After this, the figs are ready to be processed into the fig paste, and in this case enriched with hazelnuts.

A luxurious cheese platter won't do without the Dried Fig Paste Hazelnut, especially if it's served alongside nut bread. The fig paste with hazelnut can also be combined with meat or other savory dishes, but also makes a very special cake filling or dessert.

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  • figs, sugar, hazelnut 8%, pectin, lactic acid, ascorbic acid.