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Extra virgin olive oil -  superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Flavor: bellpepper with hints of onion and garlic    
Color: bright red
Aroma: bellpepper with hints of onion and garlic    
Application: use cold

The oil has a bright red color and has a notable pepper scent and flavor, with hints of onion and galic. In order to preserve the flavor, it's best used cold as a finishing touch on dishes and tastes delicious with four cheeses pizza, salad, effs, soup, baked cheese, grilled and roasted meat. The oil combines well with neutral vinegars such as White Wine Vinegar Muscat and Red Wine Vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon. A dressing tip: 1/3 White Wine Vinegar Muscat – 2/3 Pepper Mix Olive Oil.

The olives are harvested in October and November when they are fully ripened and processed into oil within hours using the “cold-press method”. By pressing the olives in this traditional manner, the flavor is optimally preserved, producing a 100% natural, high quality olive oil. During the pressing process, bell peppers, onion, garlic and chili peppers are also pressed along with the oil, giving it its specific flavor. Additionally, the special composition of the soil and the excellent climate conditions are very important to the flavor of the olives.

The owner of the olive farm where the oil is made, has had an interest in olive trees from a very young age. He completed a course and study on this subject in order to get the very best out of nature. The idea was hatched to always have the flavor of fruit, herbs and vegetables at hand, without cooking or freezing them, losing their essential nutritions in the process. A lot of work has patiently gone into combining all sorts of vegetables and herbs with the oil and the production process has been studied and optimally improved during this.

The company has also been awarded the “Hygiene and Food Safety Quality Management IFS Standard Higher Level.” prize for its work.