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Normally when grinding wheat for it to be used as pasta flour, the wheat seeds are removed from the wheat in order to prevent the wheat from decomposing. In this Fettucini con Olive, the wheat seeds are not removed from the wheat, thanks to the craftsmanship of the Tuscan producer, who is the only one to succeed at this. Because of the wheat seeds, your boiling water will turn a little green.

This olive pasta is made with care by our artisan producer: the dough is slowly kneaded and mixed with tiny bits of olive, spread out by hand and slowly dried at a low temperature for the best quality dough. Then, the pasta is cut into wide strips. That is the beautiful story of this tasteful Fettucini con Olive.

The olive pasta tastes best in combination with a simple sauce, since it already has such a delicate flavor itself. Cook the pasta in 4 liters of boiling water for about 7 to 9 minutes and add some extra virgin olive oil after you have drained the pasta. Of course this pasta makes a great combination with fish, vegetables or tomatoes. 

  • durum wheat semolina (84,2%), water (10%), wheat germ (3,4%), chopped green olives (1,0%), flavour (1,1%), spinach powder (0,4%).