Oil & Vinegar Franchise

The unique Oil & Vinegar formula 

Oil & Vinegar is an innovative culinary gift shop with exclusive products of the best quality of our own brand. The products are carefully selected and mostly produced by traditional family businesses in the country of origin. This is why our products maintain their authentic flavors and you can taste the Mediterranean sun in our herbs, sauces and pasta’s. However, our absolute specialty is our olive oil and vinegar, which consists of only the best products that are carefully selected in all the countries of origin.

In the stores our customers can taste all of our olive oils and be tempted and advised to choose the right product. Together with the inviting character of the shops, the personal attention for our customers and the way in which presents are wrapped, a visit to Oil & Vinegar is a festive culinary experience, which makes it likely for them to visit again. 

Dutch Franchise Association 

Oil & Vinegar has been active since 1999 and is a member of the Dutch Franchise Association (Nederlandse Franchise Vereniging), the coordinating trade association for franchisors.
The association is considered a hallmark for franchise organizations and with this membership Oil & Vinegar conforms to the European honor code for franchise. 

Franchisees will be supported in the various facets of entrepreneurship.

The assortment of Oil & Vinegar 

The assortment of culinary gift products consists of 500-600 products from the Mediterranean cuisine. Examples of products are herb mixes, dressings, olives, sundried tomatoes, mustards, sauces, pestos, pastas in various forms and colors, and – of course – a large variety of olive oils and vinegars form all different parts of the Mediterranean. Matching ‘non food’ products are ceramics, pottery (plates, platters and olive bowls etc.), kitchen utensils and (cook) books that go with the atmosphere of the different countries and food cultures.

As a franchisee you have the purchase obligation to order 100% of the Oil & Vinegar food products and 90% of our ‘non food’ products at Oil & Vinegar or our designated contract suppliers. Our assortment is refreshed every few weeks. By continuously introducing new products from all over of the world we are able to keep our customers inspired and surprised. As a franchisee, you have the same possibilities as an independent entrepreneur, while being supported by the knowledge and experience of Oil & Vinegar. 

Support from Oil & Vinegar

Innovative retail formula 

Oil & Vinegar is for the hedonist. A visit to our shops is an experience. The open character of the store is inviting and once inside all of the senses are stimulated by the tasteful presentation of the culinary products. Most of our products can be sampled. Furthermore, there is a large choice in oils and vinegars that are freshly tapped in front of you, a party for everyone who enjoys cooking and loves good food. This way of presenting does not only stimulate extra impulse buys, the gift aspect will turn almost every receiver into a potential new customer. To surprise our customers, we give our stores a completely different atmosphere every 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on the theme we introduce the newest products and kitchen tools from a certain country or continent to keep our customers inspired and encourage them to explore and experiment in their own kitchen!

The innovation does not stop… In 2010, Oil & Vinegar designed a completely new interior. The use of natural, fair-trade materials and a clever way of arranging our products and sampling points lead to an even bigger attraction. Every store will be furnished according to this new concept. We sincerely invite you to visit the new generation of Oil & Vinegar and experience it yourself!


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