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Chardonnay Wine Vinegar is a flavorful white vinegar from the city of Modena in Italy. Modena is known for its age old vinegar tradition. Only vinegars of the highest quality are produced there. The Chardonnay Wine Vinegar is made from the white Chardonnay grape, which is grown in the North of Italy, more specifically in the region between Lombardy and Piedmont. The fermentation and aging of the Chardonnay grapes takes place in oak vats, according to traditional methods, which allows for a wood-like undertone in its flavor. The result is a light yellow, delicate wine vinegar with a fresh, yet sour and harmonious flavor, and an acidity of 6%.

Thanks to its flavor profile, the Oil & Vinegar Chardonnay Wine Vinegar can be combined with vinaigrettes and salads very successfully. A few drops are enough to create a flavorful marinade for fish and meat dishes. Try the red Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Vinegar as well! 


  • Chardonnay wine vinegar, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide.