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Paella is a Spanish dish that originates in Valencia. Depending on the region, the main ingredients for paella are: rice, fish and shellfish, chicken, rabbit, tomato frito, garrafo (a special kind of white beans from Valencia), string beans and saffron. An important part of the preparation is that the rice must be cooked in the stock of the fish and shellfish, chicken or rabbit.

The basis of Arroz Paella consists of one part rice, and two parts of the stock. Bring the stock with rice to a boil and let it boil for ten minutes. Then leave the paella rice cook on a low heat for about ten more minutes, or until the rice is cooked through. One part uncooked rice is equal to about two parts cooked rice.

Arroz Paella comes in an authentic cotton bag, with a D.O. denotation (Denominación de Origen = protected origin) from Valencia. If you want to cook proper paella, with the authentic Spanish flavors, you should use our Sazonador para paella, the original Spanish herb mix with saffron. With our paella pan with non-stick coating, is will be very easy to make the perfect paella. These products can also be combined into a perfect present!

Viva paella! 

  • Short grain white rice 100% natural.