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Extra virgin olive oil -  superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Flavor: delicate - grassy - fresh
Color: green - yellow
Application: cold and hot (up to 210°C)
Acidity: < 0,4%
Region: Catalonia, Spain 
Estate: Montbrío del Camp
Olives: Abequina, Empeltre en Morruda olives
Harvest: October until half November

The oil has a particular delicate, grassy and fresh flavor. Can be used cold or hot (up to 250C) and because of its extremely high smoke point it is great for stir fry, broiling, baking, fondues and frying. Tastes great in combination with the Patatas Bravas Dip, for prepaing a great marinade.

The olives are handpicked between October and halfway November and within hours processed into oil using the “cold press method”. By pressing the olives in this traditional manner, the flavor is optimally preserved and resulting in a high quality olive oil with a low acidity (<0.40%). The oil is not mixed with processed oils but instead consists only of various types of Extra Virgin olive oil, making this suitable for baking and broiling.

In 2005-2006 the ministry of Agriculture in Spain gave the first prize to the Cooperation of  Montbrío del Camp, which is where our olive oil Arbequina also hails from, for the high quality and fruity taste of the olive oil. The oil also belongs to the international top three of best oils. Additionally, they were given the first prize for having the best and cleanest pressing system and pressing mill.


  • extra virgin olive oil.