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The Vincotto Fig is a unique and noteworthy product made from two types of grapes, the Negroamaro and the black Malvasia. The grapes are boiled down to a fifth of their original volume. After this, the syrup is poured into oak vats, along with the acidic vinegar forming bacteria, and ripens for years, during which it turns into a Vincotto, without any artificial coloring or preservatives. Vincotto Fig is made using specially selected grapes, which have ripened for six months in a mix of Vincotto Originale and vinegar. The grape must is not boiled down when making balsamic vinegar, and there is no specific aging process, as the older grape must is constantly mixed with the younger must.

Vincotto Fig is a real flavor experience, and with its diverse aroma it can be used in combination with several dishes. Savory dishes such as (grilled) meat, fish, duck Carpaccio or cheese such as mozzarella or Parmigianino are made even more intense with a splash of fig vincotto. Even sweet dishes, such as ice cream and sorbets, or a fruit salad with raspberries, blueberries, orange, pineapple and kiwi truly comes to life with a drop of this Vincotto Fig.


  • cooked grape must (sulphites), vinegar, figs