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This Tapenade Verte au Fenouil is originally from France and gets its great taste from the pure products that are processed for this tapenade. For example, the olives are not pasteurized, so they stay firm and the pure flavor will remain.

This Tapenade Verte au Fenouil tastes great in a cold pasta salad because of the freshness of the fennel. But you can also give a special twist to mashed potatoes when you add a tablespoon of the tapenade! You can also use the tapenade on your crostini, toast or sandwich, serve it with cheese or combine it with grilled fish for a fresh and special flavor.

Fennel is a plant that tastes like anise. The plant is from the Mediterranean and is used as both a herb and a vegetable. The roots, stems and leafs can be eaten. The seeds are known for their medicinal function, and are often used in tea or oil. So not only does it taste good, it also is very healthy!


  • green olives (82%), capers, olive oil, salt, water, dry garlic, oregano, Provencal herbs, fennel seeds (0.3%), concentrated lemon juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acid: lactic acid.