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This Symphony of Flavors consists out of the give delicious flavors Limonolio (lemon), Peperolio (pepper), Aranciolio (orange), Mentolio (mint) and Agliolio (garlic). The Limonolio is perfect for use with fish, ham and carpaccio; the Aranciolio is delicious with white meat and poultry or to prepare sweet dishes such as cake! Peperolio is lovely with pasta or vegetables and the Mentolio is fantastic with grilled vegetables or to flavor meat with. Use the Agliolio for all kinds of Mediterranean dishes.

The base of this extra virgin olive oil consists out of 100% Coratina olives. They are cold pressed between October and January, allowing the aroma, flavor and healthy attributes to be preserved optimally. The oranges and lemons are pressed together with the olives. The other olive oil flavors are created through a marinade and filtration process. All varieties can be used cold and hot up to 180˚C. A symphony on your palate for a reason!

Of course, appearance does matter! The Symphony of Flavors will be optimally appreciated in the five elegant bottles, and are standard packed as complete set in a gift wrap with a modern, yet authentic appearance, making this special Italian olive oil set a perfect gift!

Everyone will enjoy this Symphony of Flavors!

  • Orange;

    extra virgin olive oil (70%), orange (30%).


    extra virgin olive oil (70%), lemon (30%).

    Chili pepper;

    extra virgin olive oil (90%), chili pepper (10%).


    extra virgin olive oil (90%), mint (10%).


    extra virgin olive oil (90%), garlic (10%).