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The white truffle from Alba, also known as the Tuber Magnatum, has been processed into all kinds of dishes for centuries due to its deliciously delicate flavor. Even in Roman times white truffles were a delicacy. It used to be believed that white truffles possessed divine powers. Even today the white truffle is still a popular delicacy.


The Salsa Tartufo Bianco is a delicious, creamy white truffle sauce. Truly delicious with pasta, risotto and meat dishes, such as filet mignon. The truffle sauce is ready for use. It only needs to be warmed up. In order to preserve the truffle flavor optimally, do this au-bain marie without its lid in the original pot.



  • Ingredients: water, cream (milk), beef extract, wine, modified starch, aromatic wine, creme fraiche (milk), table salt, vegetable extract (carrot, onion, celery, spice extract), butter (milk), truffle oil (0,3%) (extra virgin olive oil, white truffle (0,1%)), thickener: locust bean gum, guar gum), acidifier: tartaric acid, spices.