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Are you looking for an exclusive and stylish piece of craft? Then this Olive Wood Plank is just what you need in your kitchen!

Olive wood is a kind of hardwood that originates from the olive tree. The wood has a mid-brown color with dark veins in it. Because of the fact that these trees are mostly planted for the olives, the trees are often small and compact. Therefore, it will not be easy to find big sized massive olive wood. Thanks to the branches and where they are attached to the tree, the graining of the olive wood is often very spectacular. These special kinds of drawings the graining creates, is what makes every olive wood product unique.

This plank is fully handcrafted in Tunisia and has a large elongated shape of about 38 by 18 centimeters. Olive wood is a natural product. Therefore, you cannot expose this plank to sunlight for too long, and it cannot be exposed to heat either. After you have used the plank, you can wash it by hand without using any dish soap. After repeated use, your Olive Wood Plank can become a little dry. By lightly sanding the plank with sanding paper, and rubbing it with olive oil afterwards, your Olive Wood Plank will regain its nice color and shine.

The Olive Wood Plank is perfectly suitable to present different types of dishes on, for example different cheeses, your homemade bites, or appetizers. This Olive Wood Plank can be combined with our other olive wood accessories in order to create an exclusive rural feel at your dining table. 


  • Productspecifications

    Type : serving shelf
    Shape : oblong
    Colour : colour of olive wood
    Dimension : ca. 38 x 18 cm