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Amaretti di Saronno are cookies originating in Italy. Since 1719 the Amaretti di Saronno have been prepared by the Lazzaroni family. The family lives in the Italian town Saronno, lending its name to the cookies. These Amaretti cookies have made the Lazzaroni family world famous. And for good reason too, as these cookies are absolutely delightful.

Of course, you can serve these cookies to your guests along with a cup of coffee or tea, or with a liqueur. However, it also makes a fantastic base for a pie, cake, or tiramisu. Thanks to its brittle structure, they absorb moisture particularly well. This makes it an ideal starting point for preparing a variety of cakes and desserts! The Amaretti cookies are easily crushed into crumbs and provide an unanticipated crunch to ice cream or custard.

The Amaretti di Saronno biscuits have been packaged in an authentic luxury gift tin, in true Italian style. A lovely addition to preserve these delicious cookies and makes a fantastic gift to anyone with a sweet tooth!