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While grinding the wheat for pasta flour, normally the wheat seeds are being removed from the flour to prevent the wheat from decomposing. So in ordinary pasta flour, there are no wheat seeds. Thanks to his craftsmanship, the Italian producer of this truffle pasta is the only one to succeed at preserving the wheat seeds in the flour. Thanks to this, the pasta has a very special flavor. Together with the extraordinary taste of the black summer truffle, this creates a very special Tagliolini con Tartufo. Because of the wheat seeds, your boiling water will turn a little green while boiling the pasta.

The artisan pasta producer makes its pasta with care: the dough is slowly kneaded and mixed with tiny bits of truffle, spread out by hand and slowly dried at alow temperature for the best quality dough. Because of the excellent quality of the pasta, this pasta can best be served with a simple sauce. Boil the pasta for about 7 to 9 minutes in 4 liters of water and add some extra virgin olive oil. Of course this pasta tastes delicious with vegetables, fish or tomatoes. 

  • durum wheat semolina (77,2%), water (10%), egg (7,7%), wheat germ (3,1%), black truffle (1,3%), flavour (0.8%).