Oil & Vinegar Franchise

Positive attitude, craftsmanship and enthusiasm

Do you recognize yourself in the following characteristics?

  • You are exited about cooking, love to cook and have an eye for quality
    A love for food and cooking and the attention for quality are essential conditions for successful entrepreneurship in an Oil & Vinegar shop. By convincingly transferring your knowledge onto customers with enthusiasm, customers will see you as an authority when it comes to these areas. 

  • You are energetic and show full commitment
    You are in the shop yourself and tirelessly give your customers the attention they deserve. You are well informed about their desires and their previous purchases. You make your customers more loyal with your advice, enthusiasm and the quality of your personal customer service. With your commitment you turn visitors into buyers and customers into ambassadors for the store. 

  • You have a talent for sales and a commercial attitude
    Sales talent is a combination of hospitality, people skills, thoroughness and flair. You are a true host/hostess and personally fit in very well with your target group. You are also capable to assemble a great team around you that has the perfect image for your store. Professional hygiene and cleanness are standard for you. 

  • You have managerial capacities
    The store is your own company and you will take responsibility for it, even though you are supported in many different facets by the service centre. You can handle your employees both in an inspiring and in a correcting way.

  • You have sufficient financial resources 
    You are prepared as well as capable to invest money in the store. You analyze your sales figures continuously and correct when needed.

As a franchisee, you have the same possibilities as an independent entrepreneur, while being supported by the knowledge and experience of Oil & Vinegar. 

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