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Pesto lovers would enjoy Pesto al Limone as a refreshing and surprising variation. The pesto is known for its typical taste of basil, but it is also refreshingly different because of the lemon zest. Pesto is originally from Liguria. This lemon pesto is also produced in Liguria, so you will have a traditional pesto at home that allows you to experiment with in the kitchen. This pesto is made with the best ingredients, with 40% basil that is also prepared according to an original recipe. The pesto is unpasteurized so it will maintain its optimal flavour. Pesto al Limone is a pesto you have never tasted before!

The pesto with a touch of lemon tastes excellent with grilled or cooked fish. The pesto can also be used in a delicious sandwich or in a tomato salad. If you want to make a traditional Italian pasta dish, you can mix the boiled pasta in a preheated bowl with a few tablespoons of cooking liquid, Bonsecco olive oil and some Pesto al Limone. It is also delicious to use the pesto as a ravioli filling. Success guaranteed! 

  • olive oil, concentrated basil* (19%), cashew nuts, salt, cheese mix (2%) (hard cheese, Parmesan cheese) (contains milk), lemon rinds (1,5%), fructose, pine nuts, wine vinegar, garlic, natural lemon flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid, lactic acid.

    * every 100g of pesto contains 59g of fresh basil.