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The extraordinary combination of fruity strawberries and sweet caramelized onion is like sweet savory magic on your tongue. The chutney can be eaten both hot and cold and is primarily a good seasoning for different types of meat or cheese.

To retain the well thought taste of the mixed chutney, the mixture gets boiled by hand in small quantities in an open pan. The 44% of strawberries makes the Chutney Strawberry & Onion fruity, and the caramelized onion gives a sensational light sweet twist to the whole mixture. The chutney cannot be missed with different meat dishes or in combination with a cheese platter.

This chutney will surprise you on several fronts. You can, for example, use the Strawberry Onion Chutney in a festive goat cheese quiche, with a quick sandwich, use it in a wrap with chicken and rocket salad, or as an elegant accent in combination with deer steak. Surprising in the broadest sense, exciting in every dish and definitely worth trying!    


  • strawberries (42%), sugar, onion (13%), spirit vinegar, maize starch, salt, sunflower oil, garlic, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, nigella seeds, brown mustard seeds, acidity regulator: citric acid, cardamom, spices.