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Aside from meat, carpaccio can also be made using fish. Salmon, tuna, swordfish, these are only a few examples of suitable fish types for this purpose. A fish carpaccio is made truly sublime, when flavored in just the right manner. Olio di Oliva Carpaccio Pesce is, recipe wise, perfectly composited to do just that in an easy and perfect manner. The Tuscan extra virgin olive oil of high quality is already enriched with bits of lemon and basil: ingredients which are proven to be successful flavors for fish. And further flavored with dried black pepper and chili peppers. Perfetto!


Aside from that perfect fish carpaccio, this olive oil with herbs is also suited for cold or warm use with various types of fish, in salads or pasta dishes. Do you prefer beef carpaccio? Then try the Olio di Oliva Carpaccio Carne Rossa, the special herb olive oil for a delicious meat carpaccio.

  • Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, dried chili pepper, dried black pepper, freeze-dried basil (0,7%), natural lemon flavour (0,57%), natural basil flavour.