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You will be pleasantly surprised by this Marc de Champagne dressing. The exclusive dressing can be served both hot or cold. The sweet, fresh and creamy flavor benefits all kinds of salads, but is also a festive addition to various types of meat, such as venison. At a fancy barbecue, the Marc de Champagne dressing will no doubt steal the show. It is also extremely delicious in combination with mushrooms. In the blink of an eye, this dressing will make an exceptional marinade for venison. Shake well before use and ensure that – if used in hot dishes – it does not boil.

What is Marc de Champagne? After the grapes are first pressed for champagne, the result - the grape juices – is distilled, creating Marc de Champagne. After this, the champagne ages for at least five years in oak vats, so you may enjoy the unmistakable flavor of this extraordinary product. Served in a glass as an appetizer, this alcoholic delicacy is loved by all. Hence, this exclusive Oil & Vinegar Marc de Champagne Dressing will be a revelation!

  • condimento bianco, sunflower oil, sugar, mustard seeds, honey, vinegar, champagne compound (Marc de Champagne (1,5%), thickener: xanthan gum, water, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, flavour extracts, natural flavour), water, natural flavour, spices, salt.