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The Oil & Vinegar Dipper series is known for the delicious combination with bread or bread grissini (bread sticks). For a hearty dipping oil, mix 1 teaspoon Dipper spices with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

But what many don't know, is the many other ways the dippers can be used. For example, try using the Dipper Formaggio as an extra flavoring in your pasta or lasagna. Or make delicious dressings with a light cheese tang. An omelet is made even more delicious by blending some Dipper Formaggio into the egg mixture. Mixed with some oil, the various Dipper varieties also make an excellent base for a marinade.

Tip: add the Dipper Formaggio to a mixture of beaten eggs and crème fraiche. Pour the mixture over the vegetable filling in your hearty pies. Guaranteed success!

Yearning for a change? Try one of the other dippers of Oil & Vinegar, such as the Dipper Rosmarino, Toscana and Sicilia. These also have refill packages.


  • cheese powder (24%) (milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria, rennet, preservative: sodium nitrate, colouring: annatto), onion, iodized salt, vegetable mix (carrot, parsley, parsnip), garlic, dextrose, glucosesirup dried, olive oil, lovage, oregano, rosemary, seasoning (hydrolysed plant protein (maize, rapeseed)), partially hydrogenated palm fat, yeast extract, smoke flavouring, flavourings (contains celery).