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Hummus Chips Chili and Lime are a tasteful and surprising snack. The shell shaped chips have a medium spicy chili flavor, with a fresh hint of lemon in the background. Mediterranean flavors and vibes come together in these natural hummus chips. They are made of protein packed chickpeas and the hummus snack even contains 30% less fat than the average potato chips, so it is a healthy choice to eat these chips. Above all the chips are gluten free, and vegan proof.

The surprising taste of chili combined with the lemon creates a delicious sensation for the mouth! It is possible to eat the snack without any dips, but the hummus snack can also be combined with Oil & Vinegar Muhamarra Dip or Harissa Dip!


  • chickpea flour


    potato starch

    rapeseed oil


    chilli & lemon flavouring (salt, rice flour, spices (including chilli), yeast extract powder, garlic powder

    onion powder, citric acid, natural flavourings, lemon juice powder (maltodextrin from IP maize, lemon juice), natural colour: paprika.