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Lemon Cumin Dressing is a fresh dressing prepared with natural ingredients and with a fresh, slightly sour lemon taste and a tangy whiff of cumin. Additionally, you will notice hints of vinegar, honey and mustard. The spicy and fresh flavor experience of the Lemon Cumin Dressing will provide a distinctive zest in various hot and cold dishes.

 This dressing is ready to go and can be served with warm or cold dishes. The remarkable dressing of lemon and cumin turns every dish into a sensation and is particularly suited to dishes with a North African or Arab character. For example, the Lemon Cumin dressing is stunning in couscous (salads), green salads, but can also serve as a flavoring with lamb dishes or roast chicken. Because it also tastes fantastic on hot dishes, it makes an excellent marinade base.


  • olive oil, vinegar, water, lemon (14%), sugar, honey, mustard seeds, salt, cumin (1%), glucose fructose syrup, spices, food acid: citric acid, natural flavour.