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You can call the flavor of this mélange special and complex. The mix is light, because of ingredients like coriander, cumin, thyme, black pepper and garlic, but on the other hand the dip is surprisingly savory, due to the roasted nuts and seeds. The Dukkah Dip is at its best when it’s mixed with nice extra virgin olive oil instead of water or mayonnaise. A tasteful suggestion for the oil is the Oil & Vinegar Turkish Taris Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Dukkah Dip is very tasty to eat as a snack with traditional bread, but also perfect to combine with salads, rice or vegetables. It’s a unique dip with a unique flavor and it’s certainly worth trying!

  • sesame seeds (36%), coriander (19%), almonds (13%), hazelnuts (12%), cumin (10%), sea salt, garlic, thyme, black pepper. May contain traces of peanuts.