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Grissini are originally from Piemonte, a region in the North West of Italy but have since conquered the entire world due to their versatile use. Grissini al Rosmarino are not only tall, but also subtly yet noticeably flavored with dried rosemary. Just opening the box the wonderful scent of rosemary will convince you these rosemary grissinis are absolutely delicious. Finger licking good! Lovely as a simple snack, as a crunchy varietion with a soup or served as appetizer with a dip or pesto.

Tip: for an easy and surprising starter, roll a slice of parma ham, even meat or fish carpaccio around the Grissini al Rosmarino. Delicious, easy, quick and it looks festively different to boot.

This way you will most definitely steal the show with your guests!


  • wheat flour, water, canola oil, margarine (skimmed milk, cream, hardened canola fat), yeast, iodized salt, dried rosemary (1%), dry wheat leaven, olive oil, dextrose, wheat gluten, emulsifier: soy lecithin, lactose, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, L-cysteine, enzymes, spice extract.