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The reputation of white truffle is clear: exclusive, pronounced, luxury. With such a unique aroma and taste, this White Truffle Dressing by Oil & Vinegar is an excellent contender for enriching many dishes. The ingredients, including the best white truffle oil available and a whiff of freshly ground pepper, result in a notable sensation and give your dishes a luxurious twist.

This unique dressing is delicious on a salad or as garnishing on dishes. The White Truffle Dressing also makes an excellent sauce on various kinds of meats and vegetables when heated up. Garnish your grilled mushrooms with it for example, or pour the dressing over a lamb shank. Marinating is also an excellent option. Do not allow the white truffle dressing to boil when heating it up, or the truffle aroma is lost! And ensure you shake the bottle well before use, to get the perfect pour.

The unique and delicate flavor of the White Truffle Dressing is pure enjoyment and always make you come back for more!

  • condimento bianco (sulphites), sunflower oil, sugar, mustard seeds, vinegar, water, olive oil with white truffle flavour (4%), spices, salt, natural flavour.